Roof Installation


Make sure that you have a space in your yard or driveway for a dumpster to be dropped off.  I can’t tell you how many times we get to a job site, and the customer is surprised when we tell them that we need to make room for a dumpster.  There are literally tons of material that need to be removed from your roof and disposed of.  The first step in roofing installation for a roofing belleville il expert is to have a place for the old material to go before we can install the new material.  Seems pretty obvious, but I figured we would put this information out there in case anyone has questions about it.

Your Roofing Installation

I know that the cost for a new roof is a high price tag item.  Unfortunately, this can’t be avoided.  The material cost in the industry has gone up quite a bit over the last year, and there is still a shortage of lumber making the price increasingly expensive.  The materials that we use are not cheap and flimsy like many contractors who utilize sub-par materials.  Your roofer will likely have many options to go with when installing your roof.  Be sure that you get a quote from Sax Construction so that we can provide you with a better option.  Sax Construction has a team of roofing Belleville IL experts that can install a roof for you in a reasonably short timeframe.  Our team of highly trained professionals can complete an average roof installation in a couple of days.  Some roofs require longer depending on the damage uncovered by our roofing removal team.  Our quote to you is an estimate for how much the install will cost when completed.  If we uncover major damage, more expenses can be involved, but we try to account for that in our bid as much as possible.