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How old is your roof?  Is it 20, 30, 40 years old?  Our roofing professionals can help you inspect your roof.  For single story and multi-story homes, the typical lifespan of a roof would be in the neighborhood of roughly 20-30 years, but that would depend on several factors.  The most impactful factors would be the initial installation, the materials used for the installation and the level of maintenance.  Asphalt shingles if installed properly could easily last 20-25 years or more.  At Sax Construction, we service roofs , ensuring that your roof receives a thorough inspection to determine if you need a replacement or repair.

We have a stellar crew of licensed and insured roofing experts to serve you and your family.  Make sure that as soon as you notice any damaged shingles or other signs that may lead you to believe your roof is in need of an inspection, that you contact Sax Construction to do a thorough examination of your roof!  We thank you for choosing your local roofing experts!

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Safety is a big factor when installing a roof, and we make sure to identify all hazards before we even step foot on your roof.  Sax Construction is a licensed and insured roofing  company.  Don’t settle for a contractor in the metro east roofing business that cannot provide you with their insurance and license information.  There are many risks associated with hiring a metro east roofing contractor.  The primary risk is that someone could get hurt while installing or repairing the roof, and you would be liable for it.  You could also run into a roofer who does poor work and just leaves you to clean up the mess.  Sax Construction has on multiple occasions been called out to a jobsite that was a complete mess.  Don’t fall victim to a poor Mascoutah IL roofing  contractor.  There are many roofers in the industry, make sure you get a bid from a reliable source. 

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Roofing Storm Damage Repair

  A big reason why we are called out to homes in the metro east roofing area is due to storm damage.  Hail can cause a significant amount of damage along with fallen trees and debris.  If you are in need of a roof inspection or repair look no further, Sax Construction is your roofing professional  .  We will send out a professional roofing expert to provide you with a thorough roof inspection so that you can decide what steps you would like to take.  Don’t let the damage sit for too long. The longer your roof damage is subject to the elements the more likely that further damage will occur over time.  Give us a call and we will be right over to help look into your storm damage.