Roofing O'Fallon /Belleville IL Experts


 Is your roof just too old?  Is the damage to it beyond a simple fix?  It may be worth it to consider a total roof replacement.  At Sax Construction we specialize in replacing roofs in O’Fallon Illinois.  Of course, if the age of your roof was the only thing to consider, then there wouldn’t be much work to do for your average roofing company.  As you may already know, there are many roofing contractors in the St. Louis Metro East area.  Sax Construction is Licensed and Insured, and completes work in a quality and quick manner.  Finding the right roofing contractor can be overwhelming and down right challenging.  We make it a point to provide the best prices to suit your specific needs and we consider it our responsibility to give you our honest advice.  Should that mean a replacement, then we will strive to make sure that it’s truly an improvement.  

The possibility of going several years without needing roofing maintenance can be high given the right location and weather conditions.  O’Fallon Illinois is full of new and old construction, so make sure that you have our team come out and provide you with a roof inspection if you are wondering whether or not to have it replaced!  If you start to see loose granules, broken shingles, or chipped shingles on your driveway or lawn… you might find yourself staring down a difficult decision.  Please give us a call so we can help you determine the best course of action with your O’Fallon Illinois or Belleville Illinois roof!