Roofing St. Louis Metro East Professionals


Do you live in St. Louis or the surrounding area?  Is your roof showing signs of age degradation?  It may be time to call your local roofing experts at Sax Construction.  We can help you determine the amount of damage your roof has sustained in a storm, or whether or not the roof is just old and falling apart.  The vast majority of roofs in the area are asphalt shingle roofs.  So if you have had your roof for over 20 years, you may start seeing signs of degradation.  Maybe you have found pieces of shingles laying on the ground around your home, or you have an abnormal amount of shingle debris in your downspouts connected to your gutters?  It may be time to have your local roofing St Louis MO/ Metro East professionals come out and provide you with a free estimate on how to best go about making repairs or what the replacement cost would be.  Call us now and get a free estimate!

Roofing St Louis Metro East Experts

That may not seem like a very long time, but this is our life’s work.  We excel at installing roofs, and our customers enjoy knowing that they have a quality product.  We can install a variety of materials from asphalt shingles, metal roofing, tile, and flat roofs to satisfy whatever you need replaced on your home.  Don’t settle for an overpriced competitor and be sure to call us for a free estimate.  We are not looking to gouge anyone on price, and we ensure that the product will more than satisfy your need for a new and improved roof!  Call us now to have a roofing St Louis Metro East contractor provide you with a free quote.  

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Roofing St Louis Metro East/St Louis MO Commercial Roofs

Check out our commercial roofing page for more information on our installations.  Feel free to give your local roofing contractor st louis mo a call and request a quote.  We can come out and provide a free estimate for what your business needs!  Don’t settle with a poor installation.  If you have recently had a roof replaced and are unhappy with the product, we can come out and provide you with the best solution to correct the problem.

     We suggest that you get multiple estimates.  If you plan to have a new roof installed on your home, we understand that this will be a large investment.  That is why you should always look at what the materials generally cost for a roof and ask yourself if this roofer is gouging you on the price.  An average roof on an average house can cost around $10,000 depending on the material used on the house, it could cost even more.  So make sure that you have a bid from your roofing contractor St Louis Metro East Sax Construction professional so we can help you see how many in the business are overcharging for their services!